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A place where dreams do come true! I invite you to share my journey through performance, innovation, creation and self-expression brought on by the choice to act! This is my example of another route traveled. I began to create and perform as an escape from depression and hopelessness. By conquering my fears, I chose to perceive life in another way. Hoping to inspire others, together we can paint a New World!

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My vision is to share my passion and love for life through performance, by wielding the elements. I appreciate Nature by using it's inspiration for the color palettes in my collections. I find my stability and comfort from the Earth by taking a deep breath and allowing my energy to connect and find it's center. I allow the the calming effect of Water to flow through me, showing with patience and persistence, there is a way. I dance allowing the force of the Wind to carry the paint unpredictably to the surface of my creations, appreciating it for what it is without setting expectations. And Fire keeps my mind in a constant state of respect, so that I can focus on the values I need to bring any of this too you! With that said, I am absolutely excited to share my journey and expression of gratitude! Using the elements as my inspiration through performance art, I bring to you Pyro-Creations!